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Tech Specs

This Web Application is written in Microsoft ASP.NET MVC C# JQuery Bootstrap. It uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database platform. It includes a script to build out the database framework and all the source code.

What it does?

Tracks and manages secured acreage for drilling rights. This handles the life cycle of an LAR from Broker Entry, approval workflow, check request rendering to confirming all document enclosures secured into the system. Interfaces need to be built to feed into the companies accounting system.


LAR is a web application compatible with Microsoft ASP.NET that manages lease acquisition requests (LARS) from creation by the broker through Landman recommendation, Land Manager approval and Lease Records setup. Data is stored in the company’s Microsoft SQL Server and the application recognizes each user by way of Microsoft Windows Server’s built-in authentication. Workflow is handled within the application, including definition of the stages, actions and roles. Each user is assigned a role (or roles), which the application administrator(s) can modify accordingly. Roles allow the system to know which users to alert by email, which LARs to display on each user’s dashboard and when LARs should drop from each user’s dashboard. Check Request rendering can be performed in batch mode on all approved requests.

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